Complete Hives

For people that have a shorter season or just want to start with a more complete hive then a Nuc you can buy complete hives.

Complete Hive - Single Story (Italian Queen)

Complete Hive - Single Story (Italian Queen)

Sold out for spring 2019.

Looking for a hive that can gear up fast? Well this is it. Comes with:

  • 3-4 frames of mixed brood
  • 2 frames of honey and pollen
  • 2 frames of drawn comb
  • 2 frame internal feeder or 2 blank frames (Cell-rite)
  • 2019 queen *
  • 6-8 frames of bees
  • New wooden box
  • 1 Migratory lid
  • 1 temporary bottom

* We will request the queens be marked but we will not guaranty it.

** The strength of a hive can go up and down. The above description is typical but cannot always be guaranteed.

*** You will need to have your own hive bottom and stand ready at the final destination for this hive

**** The singles are usually delivered 2-3 weeks after the nucs

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